BONUS: Melanie Granger & Corina Luchenbach of OMT

June 14th, 2019 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

Uniting People to Buy Essential Hygiene Products For Those In Need
One Million Tampons is on a mission -- to ensure all PEOPLE have access to hygiene products, including tampons, maxi pads, sanitary wipes, and other monthly essentials. Teens, women, trans males, and gender non-binary people make up half the human population; they all menstruate, but not everyone can afford the products they need for proper healthcare. That’s where we ALL can help -- and yes, we’re also talking to you men. Everyone with the ability to add at least one box of hygiene products to their grocery cart can make a huge difference in dozens of people’s lives. It’s that simple.

How You Can Help
Buy a box -- or as much as you care to donate -- and bring them into a participating drop off location -- it’s that simple. You can also check out our wish list, buy online and send your generous donations direct to us! The One Million Tampons movement started in Seattle and the outpouring of love soon spread around the world. Donations have come in from as far away as South Africa! Learn more about how it all started and what we’ve accomplished so far!