Episode 55: Dave Smith of Sequential Circuits!

May 13th, 2019 · 58 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

Today I am joined by Ellison Wolf of Waveform magazine. We sat down with Dave Smith of Sequential Circuits in his San Fransisco office and had ourselves a lovely chat.

Sequential Circuits: https://www.sequential.com/about/

WAVEFORM: https://www.waveformmagazine.com/

Omiindustriies: https://www.omiindustriies.com/
SSF: http://www.steadystatefate.com/stereodipole
Pittsburgh Modular: https://pittsburghmodular.com/
Recovery Effects: https://recoveryeffects.com/
Crema Caffe: https://cremacaffe.shop/products/spikexl
Alright Devices: https://www.alrightdevices.com/
Patchwerks: https://patchwerks.com/

One Million Tampons: https://www.onemilliontampons.com/